• 06/08/19 - Breakfast Session | Koos Wieriks

06/08/19 - Breakfast Session | Koos Wieriks

Koos Wieriks held a permeating presentation during the DBB session of Tuesday 6 August about the incredible sinking rate of Jakarta (in some places more than 4 meters in the last 30 years!) and the assistance the Dutch government is providing to the Indonesian government to build solutions.

"The Giant Seawall" project, or the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) Masterplan, foresees to build a catching basin in the Bay of Jakarta. While currently some of the inner coastal dams are being built already, the design and development of the outer dam is still in progress, an integrated planning process between different levels of Indonesian governments.

As a nation of Water engineers and promotors of “The Poldermodel” (extensive consultation with all stakeholders), the audience had quite some difficult questions and Koos explained as much as he could, in his role of special advisor to the Indonesian Government.

We would like to thank Koos for his time and interesting presentation.